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Dalton RC & Raceway
(706) 278-9184
3403 D Chatsworth HW SE
Dalton, GA
H2o Pets
(706) 275-8085
1810 E Walnut Ave
Dalton, GA

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Puppies & More
(706) 370-4589
330 S Hamilton St
Dalton, GA

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(706) 226-7387
1349 W Walnut Ave
Dalton, GA

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Hobby Lobby Creative Center
(678) 422-6445
1550 Southlake Pkwy
Morrow, GA
Prime Time Hobby & Speedway
(706) 625-9037
3051 Hwy 41 South SW
Calhoun, GA

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Aquatic Pet & More
(706) 272-3474
1502 Cleveland Hwy
Dalton, GA

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Tropical Pet Paradise Llc
(706) 281-4799
2150 E Walnut Ave
Dalton, GA

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Hobbytown Usa
(678) 965-4405
570 Lakeland Plz
Cumming, GA
Southeastern Hobby Depot
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4246 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA
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Ring-necked Duck

Ring-necked Duck

Aythya collaris L 17" (43 cm)

Photo by Maslowski Wildlife Productions.

Listen to a ring-necked duck.

Male ring-necked ducks are have a distinctive white bar that separates the black chest from the white sides. The head and back are blackish. Females are brown with a small white line going back from the eye. Both have a diagnostic blue bill with a bright white band near the black tip and a high, peaked head. Ring-necked ducks are freshwater birds, gathering in flocks in migration and wintering in lakes, ponds, swamps, and smaller rivers. They favor shallower water and more heavily vegetated sites than most diving ducks. They sometimes flock with scaup and other diving ducks. They feed by actively diving for plant seeds and mollusks, although vegetable matter makes up the bulk of their yearly diet. Although silent throughout much of the year, the males give a quiet whistling sound on the breeding grounds. Ring-neckeds breed across most of Canada and in parts of the western United States.

This sound file requires RealPlayer . Bird song courtesy of Lang Elliott, NatureSound Studio . ...

Author: Bird Watcher's Digest

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