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Local resource for geese sound recordings in West Palm Beach, FL. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to geese sound recordings, geese song recordings, and geese bird houses, as well as advice and content on attracting geese, geese feeders, geese types, and geese descriptions.

Jupiter Hobbies & Crafts
(561) 744-3800
1695 W Indiantown Rd
Jupiter, FL
Radio Controlled Revolution
(561) 684-2772
2275 Palm Beach Lake Blvd. Ste A
West Palm Beach, FL
Depot Hobby Shop
(561) 585-1982
603 Ridge Road
Lantana, FL
G & C Hobbies
(561) 547-3812
1228 Hypoluxo Road
Lantana, FL
Overdrive RC, Inc
(561) 745-9752
18856 120th Terrace North
Jupiter, FL
3 G's Hobbies
(561) 683-3082
1379 North Military
West Palm Beach, FL
Bashers RC Raceway
(561) 889-9386
10358 Riverside Dr Suite 100
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
The Depot Hobby Shop
(561) 585-1982
518 W. Lantana Rd.
Lantana, FL
Legend R/C and Hobbies
(561) 744-3800
1695 W Indiantown Road #5
Jupiter, FL
Ready RC
(561) 935-0098
1700 Park Lane South #8
Jupiter, FL

Canada Goose

Canada Goose

Branta canadensis L 25-45" (64-114cm)

Photo by Maslowski Wildlife Productions.

Listen to a Canada goose.

For centuries the coming of fall was announced by high flying flocks of Canada geese heading south, the sonorous honking sound even non-birdwatchers know. In the past few decades they have become permanent residents and breeders across much of the US, favoring parks, community ponds, and golf courses, where they are often considered pests. The most common call, a loud, sometimes startling honk, is heard both from birds in flight and from birds on the ground. They can be found almost anywhere that the water remains unfrozen, feeding on grass and in farm fields. The most distinctive field mark is the black head and neck, setting off the bright white chin strap.

This sound file requires RealPlayer . Bird song courtesy of Lang Elliott, NatureSound Studio . ...

Author: Bird Watcher's Digest

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