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Local resource for kinglet sound recordings in Tyler, TX. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to kinglet sound recordings, kinglet song recordings, and kinglet bird houses, as well as advice and content on attracting kinglets, kinglet feeders, kinglet types, and kinglet descriptions.

Wings and Wheels Hobbies
(903) 939-1353
6611 S Broadway Ste E
Tyler, TX
(903) 534-5261
5610 S Broadway
Tyler, TX
Monday - Friday: 9:00-9:00
Sunday: 9:00-7:00

Jayson International Rug Gallery
(903) 593-4040
2515 S Broadway Ave
Tyler, TX
(903) 561-3142
4512 S Broadway
Tyler, TX
Horaneys Ai H Inc
(903) 939-1046
5520 Old Jacksonville Hwy
Tyler, TX
HobbyTown USA
(903) 509-3000
French Quarter Shopping Center
Tyler, TX
Exotic Fish
(903) 566-0104
911 S Southeast Loop 323
Tyler, TX
Dr Borah's Veterinary Clinic
(903) 533-0031
1829 CR 386
Tyler, TX
Al H Horaneys Inc
(903) 939-1046
5520 Old Jacksonville Hwy
Tyler, TX
(903) 534-5261
5610 S Broadway Ave
Tyler, TX

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Regulus satrapa L 4" (10cm)

Photo by Maslowski Wildlife Productions.

Listen to a golden-crowned kinglet.

Golden-crowned kinglets are birds of coniferous forests, especially spruce, in all seasons. It is much rarer to find one in deciduous habitat. They pick for food among clumps of needles and on cones, from which they can often be spotted hanging upside down as they probes between the scales. Even high in the trees the brightly striped head and the golden crown are distinctive and easy to spot.

The song is a variable three-part series of high thin see notes, the third part typically lower, faster, and somewhat jumbled. The common call is a high thin see , sometimes given in a short series. The song and the call are easy to miss, especially if there is any other source of noise nearby.

This sound file requires RealPlayer . Bird song courtesy of Lang Elliott, NatureSound Studio . ...

Author: Bird Watcher's Digest

Copyright2010 Bird Watcher's Digest

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