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Hummingbird Gardens Nursery
(936) 441-9977
4141 W Davis St
Conroe, TX
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Morning Star Greenhouses Inc
(281) 350-0840
20519 Rhodes Rd
Spring, TX
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Builders / Contractors, Landscaping Services

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Cornelius Nurseries
(281) 444-1210
1755 Fm 1960 Rd W
Houston, TX
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Annuals, Arrangement Accessories, Bulbs, Ceramic, Terra Cotta & Stone Containers, Chemicals, Christmas Ornaments & Decorations, Collectables & Figurines, Containers, Containers - Decorative, Crop Protection, Flowers - Permanent, Flowers, Foliage & Plant Products, Garden Center Marketing, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Garden Ornaments, Gift Certificates, Gifts & Accents, Giftware, Groundcovers, Holiday Items, Home Decor, Horticulture Companies, Houseplants, Landscape Design, Landscaping Services…

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Houston Garden Ctr
(281) 298-2082
24800 Interstate 45
Spring, TX

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Brookwoods Community
(281) 288-9114
318 Gentry St
Spring, TX

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The Growers Outlet
(936) 856-5001
11173 N Highway 75
Willis, TX
Products / Services

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Spring Nursery & Landscape, Inc.
(281) 357-1800
25252 FM 2978
Tomball, TX
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Conifers / Evergreens, Garden Centers / Nurseries, Landscape Architects, Landscape Contractors, Landscaping Services, Plants, Shrubs, Sprinklers

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Labels Etc. Inc.
(713) 522-3480
700 W. Austin St.
Conroe, TX
Products / Services
Horticulture Supplies, Tree Tags, Pot Tags, Tree Labels

Old Tree Service
(281) 259-9600
29803 Temple St
Magnolia, TX
Just For The Birds
(281) 288-9019
209 Main St
Spring, TX

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How To: Woodpecker Box

Build an Easy Box for Golden-fronted, Red-headed, and Hairy Woodpeckers

Download detailed plans you can use to build your own woodpecker box.

The plans for this box were taken from The Original Birdhouse Book , which features 26 birdhouse, nesting shelf and nesting box plans you can build.

Tools You'll Need

Brace , with 1/2-in. bit and expansion bit up to 2-1/2 in. or keyhole saw
Drill , with assorted small bits


Golden-fronted, Red-headed, and Hairy Woodpecker Box Cedar boards or exterior plywood , 5/8 in., 36-1/4 by 17-1/4 in.:
Bottom-6 by 6 in.
Sides (2)-each 14-3/4 by 13-3/4 by 6 in.
Back-17 by 7-1/4 in.
Front-14 by 7-1/4 in.
Roof-9-1/4 by 9-1/4 in.
Fourpenny galvanized box nails
Sixpenny galvanized box nails (2)
Galvanized nail or right-angle screw hook, about 1.5 in. long
Caulking compound
Sixteen-penny galvanized nail
Post (optional)- 4 by 4 in. or 4 by 6 in., 14 ft. long galvanized metal pole
Strapping brackets for mounting box
Predator baffle (pole- or post-mounted)


  1. After you have looked over the drawings and decided which box or boxes to build, lay out the parts, with a square and pencil, on the weather surface. Saw out the pieces, plane the splinters, mark the parts, and put them aside. If the interior surface of the front, back, and sides is smooth, roughen it-really scar it up-with the corner of a rasp. This helps young birds gain a foothold when trying to climb to the hole when exiting the box. Cut back the corners of the bottom piece.
  2. In the back panel, drill a 1/2-in. hole 2 in. down from the top and centered horizontally. (On the downy woodpecker box, center the hole 1 in. down.) Bevel the back 1/8 in. toward the interior surface. On the front panel, bevel 1/8 in. toward the weather surface.
  3. Drill the entrance as shown for each box, using a keyhole saw or expansion bit on the larger boxes. If you have neither, then draw the circle and drill a series of 1/2- to 1-in. holes just inside the circumference. Chew out the hole with a rasp, rounding the edges. Woodpeckers won't mind a few irregularities.
  4. Draw a line across the interior surface of the back, 2-3/4 in. up from the bottom. Extend it across the edges and the weather surface.
  5. Next, draw a line across the interior surface of the front panel, 1 in. up from the bottom, and extend it over both edges.
  6. Draw 1 more line across the interior surface of the right side panel, 1 in. up from the bottom, and extend it across the edges.
  7. To begin assembly, start 2 nails on the weather surface of the right side panel to come out 1/4 in. below the line. Do not get the nails too close to the edges of the side panel, because the bottom edge, to which you will nail the side panel, has the corners cut off. Place the "decornered" bottom on edge, against a wall. Lay the side panel across, with the line matching the interior surface of the bottom. The wall will...

Author: Bird Watcher's Digest

Copyright2010 Bird Watcher's Digest

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